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File:Dumb humans.jpeg
Humans proving themselves to be the smartest beings in the UnUniverse

Humans are some of the dumbest species that inhabit the universe we live in, and in the Unworld (according to this wiki). They live on Earth and make up most of its population. We are unsure if they will still be living on Earth in the near future because they keep on blowing themselves up.

Humans are very fond of Pie, and are immune to its effects.

Animals, furries, and Floogals call them "hoomans".

Description and origin

Humans started out as some cave dwellers and tent makers way back in the early to mid Pleistocene, some million or so years ago. For a while they lived in southern Asia and all of Africa, but eventually spread across the planet. A few subspecies existed, such as the Neanderthalers, known for their great strength and heavy brow ridges, and the Denisovans, known for being a sister group to the Neanderthals, and ours, Homo sapiens sapiens-the one which all modern races come from. We took over and assimilated the other subspecies until ours was the only one near the end of the Ice Age. Afterwards, civilization expanded and took a modern form, with cities and farming popping up all over the world near River Valleys. Writing was made and the rest is history.

Humans are generally not the brightest, however there are exceptions. They are really good at making weapons. They invented the original shotgun. Humans are often smaller than houses, but larger than mice (not counting Mickey Mouse). They usually have two eyes, a nose, a pair of ears, hands, feet, and sometimes have a skeleton holding their body up. Humans can be identified mainly by usually having the capacity to be intelligent creatures, but almost never living up to this potential.

File:Fail Compilation of the Month January 2013
Humans display their incredible intellects.

Man-made humans

Humans are currently trying to figure out how to make humans with CRISPR-Cas9. The ultimate goal is to be able to reliably make physicists, but right now, they're trying to master biologists. They're also trying to cause a singularity.

List of humans

Man-made humans