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Hotel Mario is a 5-Stars hotel in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Hotel Mario was made of bricks from 7 Koopa Hotels that were opened in early 1990's. The first visitors were Ness and his friends.

In Hotel Mario you can enjoy kinda peaceful atmosphere but with some spooky elements. There's a restaurant where you can order lotsa spaghetti. - From Enclosed Instruction Booklet of Hotel .

Hotel Mario was created about four minutes ago by Dr. Batman. The hotel was a great success, millions of visitors coming every second. Sometimes, really awesome people come, like Chuckles the Cheat, but sometimes, really lame people come here, like You.

Hotel Mario is a pretty popular place. Most guys visit Hotel Mario because they think they can find Mario there but he has no relation to this Hotel.

A lesser known part of Hotel Mario is the Hotel Mario Caverns which is a bunch of underground caves that are under Hotel Mario. This gets them lots of tourism, despite the fact that nobody knows about them.

Assassination Fail

10 tried to kill Chuck Norris in this hotel and died. Visit his page to learn more.