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Hong Kong people collecting Elephant's trunk for their soup.

Hong Kong is a place in China that made fake shames, but today they have their own Nintendo company we know as iFake (which is the Chinese Nintendo). It is sometimes confused by dumb people as the Chinese version of the shame Donkey and Pong (which was called in that place Donkey and Kong, as Kong is a sound when you hit one of those bong drums).

Hong Kong is also the only place that Super Mario: Teletubbies! was released. The 2010 Olympic Games were also held here but the people who organized the Olympics forgot the air in Hong Kong was highly toxic, resulting in many deaths while trying to exercise in toxic air. This is why they burnt all the papers with the Chinese, signed papers with RobotnikClause, and redid it all in Canada.


Yummy on the outside, tasteless on the inside.

Hong Kong is one of the countries who sell fake products such as wear products, shames and even food. Hong Kong is a place where you can buy 100% fake products.