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Hiroe during her time with the CSI.


- Hiroe on da pohlice, before unleashing a barrage of bullets on Invader Zim.

Hiroe Atago is the cousin of Daisy and a member of the CSI. She is a lieutenant.

She is very brash and has an intense hatred for da pohlice (which is diffrentnt than the Police), despite being in da pohlice herself. She is also Death The Kid's girlfriend.


She grew up on a farm somewhere in Tokyo, but when she was 1 she became a member of da pohlice, and at the age of 12 she became a member of the CSI.

One of her most memorable moments in the CSI is during the assassination of Mario Fan Invader Zim, during the Videogame War.

Zim arrived at a toll booth on the heights of New Jersey, where he was going to deliver a pack of vodka to the Mario Fan elder. The elder, however, planned to use the vodka for a bomb and betray the Mario Fans, which Zim didn't know of. Zim noticed a line of cars blocking his way, and when he turned to the toll to ask the worker, the CSI got out of the cars and out from the toll booths. Suddenly, they started tearing him up with bullets, where Hiroe uttered her famous line "FU** DA POHLICE!" and unleashed an AK-47 barrage on Zim.

She was later on seen still working for the CSI, discussing the aftermath of the Videogame War. She only speaks one line during the meeting, saying "Will it effect our amounts of pie?" Nick Stokes, the leader of the CSI, replied "We'll need to work on that, too..."

Recently, while Hiroe was coming back from a solo mission for the CSI, she was attacked by a few members of the Krab Monarchy, by the order of Squidward Tentacles. She was outnumbered and defeated, and was sent to the prison city complex in the 9th Dimension. She has not been heard from since. It is still unknown why the Krab Monarchy wanted her imprisoned.