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Grand Theft Sesame Street 3: Vice Sesame is a sequel to the infamous series: Grand Theft Sesame Street and 2: Elmo's Return. It is even more explicit than the first two so it received an AO by ESRB but 13+ in Hong Kong. It was rated 9.5 by ISN and 5/5 by Shamespy. After this game, it influenced a shame, Elmo Payne and afterwards two follow-up shames, Grand Theft Sesame Street: San Sesantos and spin-off Grand Theft Sesame Street: Derbygeddon.


Elmo has done enough killing for one day but all good is still staying in Sesame Street. However, The Cookie Monster got killed by an army of freaky muppets so Elmo tries to ruin the happiness once and for all with rifles, grenades, missile launchers, nukes and more.


  • Story: Play with the games plot.
  • Massacre: Cause the most massacre and madness in Sesame Street as possible.
  • Multiplayer: Kill each other with the weapons mentioned in the plot.


  • Since the game was rated AO, kids started playing it.
  • Every frame in the game was blood, even blood was stuck on the frames too after killing a lot of muppets and guys.
  • Due to the violence, one month later, Vice Sesame was taken off the shelves and censored a month later.
  • The Grand Theft Sesame Street Shame Pack was released with a censored version of Vice Sesame.
  • The 'censored' version has been so lazily edited that even it looks almost like the unedited version. The unedited version can be bought via ShamesCoarse. Other than that, it's an extremely sought after collectors item.