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Grand Theft Sesame Street 2: Elmo's Return is the sequel to the shame Grand Theft Sesame Street, with better graphics, controls, gameplay, and music, it was ranked 9.5/10 by ISN (International Shaming News), and 5 out of 5 by ShameSpy, unlike the first one, which got a 8.5/10 from ISN, and a 4.0 from ShameSpy. It was still rated M in America, but in Hong Kong, it was rated 15+. It's sequel is Grand Theft Sesame Street 3: Vice Sesame. It has more violence, bad language and drugs than the first one. Each Grand Theft Sesame Street game gets even more explicit as the series of games goes.


The Cookie Monster's cookies have been eaten by worthless freaky Muppets and has 0 cookies. He calls Elmo for help to kill somebody with OVER 9000 cookies. Use different guns to shoot guys and collect cookies and UnDollars. Spend UnDollars on different guns, cars, clothes and other stuff. It's fairly pointless, because whenever you get a cookie, Cookie Monster eats it and says he doesn't have a cookie. So in the end, they all die.