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Grand Theft Builder is a shame created by Bob the Builder and Squilliam Fancyson after Bob joined the Elmo Gang while walking in a street, so he decides to join them to occupy his time. It was released on the Game Boi. It is not related to Grand Theft Sesame Street but with similar gameplay.


Bob the Builder was fixing a house and a Game Boi with his deadly blaster, the Cementygas Blaster. It is similar to the dinner blaster but it shoots Cementygas which is poisonous. He goes home and recieves the blaster's upgrade so he says: "Lets take this for a rampage shall we?" So Bob goes outside and shoots every innocent person and fixes stuff with Cementygas as he goes along.


  • Adventure-Kill everyone and fix everyone's homes.
  • Fix only-Fix houses with CG and they asplode.
  • Kill only-Kill people with CG only.