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Google's prime and main logo.

Google is a mysterious organization that formed in late 1993. No one knows what Google's true intentions are, but they appear to be evil.


Google founded in late 1993 according to an interrogated officer. In early 1994, Google arrived on the Internet and destroyed Yahoo!, the previous ruling organization. Unlike Yahoo!, which was loyal to it's citizens and never started war, Google was tyrannical and uncaring to it's citizens. They started a few Interwars, the most infamous being the MySpace Facebook War.

In 2006, Google brought about the downfall of Cartoon Network, and in 2007 did the same with Nickelodeon. In 2008, Google took control of YouTube, forcing people to change their channel format at the threat of execution. YouTube's new nickname is "UsTube".

In October 2011, a group of rebels decided to take down Google. They formed Bing, a small organization bent on destroying Google. However, they were defeated easily given their military strength, and Google forced the rebels into their army.

In 2012, Google's leader was revealed. A transmittal of a robotic voice was heard all around the Internet speaking how "Your downfall is near." The Internet then crashed for sometime, and when things cleared up, the leader was revealed to be a robot named Google himself.

Google still rules with a fist of iron, but plans to destroy it have occasionally spread. We may never know...

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  • They enslaved Googol to do their dirty work for them.