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File:George in Paris.jpeg
George in Paris, yelling "I'll have you for BREAKFAST!"


George Volcano is a giant British volcano that likes Volvic, BREAKFAST!, and conkers (not the squirrel). He is also a friend of Tyrannosaurs Alan, who also like BREAKFAST! and Volvic. When he gets very energized, he erupts a huge burst of Volvic from his head in a similar matter of a volcano erupting. He is also friends with Breakfast, a giant Pterodactyl that likes BREAKFAST, and is a very dangerous maniac due to his extreme addiction for BREAKFAST.

George often hides out in an underwater layer built for him by Bob the Builder. It is made entirely out of construction paper for reasons we do not currently understand. George is rumored to have a bomb hidden in this base, but this has not been confirmed.

George is known to eat humans for breakfast, so maybe you should run now. You ARE a human, right?