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A Game Boi with Link's face on teh screen.

The Game Boi was a handheld shaming or gaming system developed by The King of Hyrule and Link, and published by Nintendo, which has become a best-seller in Hyrule. When you start the game up, it says "Oh Boy!", then cuts to Game Boy Advance start up screen, but the Y in Game Boy is replaced with I, which was done by both the King and Link. The King of Hyrule hired Morshu to sell the Game Boi, and he did, because it made him RICHER!

It was created about two days before the Hyrulian Civil War. It is suspected it had a large hand in the start of the war, but Nintendo's lawyers are good at their job, and kept Nintendo out of the picture.

There was a cancelled edition known as the Game Bad Boi. It was cancelled for no reason whatsoever.

It was used to design the Nineenee 4DS.

List of Game Boi games

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