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Freakygas is a really freaky version of Giygas. He was made during some experiment. He is so freaky, he bit his

Freakygas, former celebrity and cosmic eye of destruction.

whole body right off. He says his famous quote above. He is shaped like a blob and likes playing this shame called Crossfire.


Freakygas came from the Negaverse, back when it was known as the Giygas Dimension. He was a world-renowned celebrity, and was known for his craziness and love for wanton destruction. Thus, he was made rich and famous by Edgar Schneider, who apparently "saw something in him". He became famous for hiding in stores, and jumping out when people bought plungers. Then, he would eat them and fly to a different store. This was done as a publicity stunt to drive the toilet plunger industry to bankruptcy.


Sometimes, Freakygas floats around and blows stuff up. He does this for fun. Why else would he? After something explodes, it goes "BOOM!", then "BOOURGH!", then "BANG!". Then, silence. This is because even the sound effects died in the blast!

Freakygas was last seen in Antarctica melting ice. He does this because DESTRUCTION ROCKS!


Like many other Giygas clones, Freakygas was killed by Lucia during Dr. Eggman Nega's uprising. He was in Antarctica at the time, and was weakened by frostbite. Thus, he could not defend himself from Lucia's AK-47 arm. He was murdered in cold blood, just like many others. After Sonic defeated Eggman Nega, the remaining Giygas clones waged war on his army and on the Negaverse. The outcome of this war is unknown, though it is believed that Eggman Nega was killed.


Taking pity on Freakygas and several other Giygas clones, Kamafagee revived him. He now lives in Captain 0 land, his former home dimension.