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Not to be confused with his master, Freak with the Hood


File:Freak with a Mask.png
The Freak with the Mask using his eyes' energy blasts

Freak with a Mask is a freak who has a mask. He was one of the original apprentices of Freak with the Hood.


Freak with the Mask was born A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away. He was a powerful person at a young age. He was able to crumble building by five. Crumble cities by ten. By the time he was in high school, he was almost as powerful as Freak with the Hood. They noticed this, and Freak with the Hood offered for him to be an apprentice. He accepted. They went on many missions, until there was one mission that they didn't survive at. He died here. But then, he was chosen by the Powers of Weakness to be brought back, but in a weaker state. He was very weak in The Force, but he was alive... sort of. He was a zombie. He spent the rest of his undead life hanging out at McDonald's.