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File:Buster Call.jpg
Buster Baxter Preparing for the Buster Call.


- Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter is the Fleet Admiral of the marines, making him the second most powerful person in the world. Like most high ranking marines, he is a heavy believer in the phenomenon of "Absolute Justice."


As a child, Buster was exposed to nothing but morality. His unknown father was the previous Fleet Admiral. When the father died, Buster replaced him on his throne.

He is very brash, quick to rush into things for the sake of Justice. He likes wind and the sound of pie, and dislikes breathing and criminals.


Ancient Arc

Buster makes his first appearance in this arc. He is seen sitting on his throne reading some papers, and then he tells a fellow marine to plan a meeting.

Medieval Arc

Buster has a meeting in the council of Ten with the six other admirals - Moar Krabs, King Harkinian, Trash, Weegee, Para-Dice and Yasuko Fujita. He kills a marine for no reason.

Modern Arc

He is not seen again until the war of the Space Invaders, where he makes a major role in killing The Tallests.

Space Arc

He is never seen again after being crushed with the Deathstar, and is probably dead.