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File:Final Spaghetti II - Part 2
The final epic battle

Final Spaghetti II: Blades of Pasta is a shame where you play as Mario and Luigi to defeat Zelda.


In Final Spaghetti II the King's crazy, evil, stupid daughter, Zelda wants revenge against the heroes for killing her father so she uses the tri-force of wisdom to try and defeat Mario and Luigi but she fails and resurrects the king to defeat them but then Mario uses The Enclosed Instruction Book and defeats the king but in a last ditch effort the king SELF-DESTRUCTS to destroy the world but is stopped by Luigi who sacrifices himself to save the world from destruction. But Mario tells him that he's just trapped in Jell-O, not dead, so Luigi eats his way out.


  • Mario is the first main protagonist of the shame. He does epic but lame stuff.
  • Luigi is the same thing as Mario, but green, taller, and younger.
  • Zelda is the main antagonist of the shame. She is a jerk.
  • The King is Zelda's father. He was alive, but then he was dead, but then he was alive, but then he was dead again.
  • The Three Minions of Evil are slaves working for Zelda to kill Mario and Luigi.
  • Bowser is a giant evil turtle that sells Magic Toast and Magic Spaghetti for health and all of the special attacks,he also sells the enclosed instruction book to defeat the final boss.Before you buy the enclosed instruction book,Mario and Luigi must fight him. He is also the leader of North Hyrule,Lives in Bowser's Castle and the toughest boss of this shame.



These are the 8 ratings of ESRB to Final Spaghetti_II: Blades of Pasta.

Only four people played this shame. They all agreed that it was good, but they hated it. The makers thought it was terrible, but they loved it. ESRB rated it C for Crap, S for Sucks, G for Garbage, A for Abysmal, D for Don't play this, H for Horrendous, J for Junk and T for trash.