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Final Spaghetti is a shame where you play as Mario and Mama Luigi.

There is also the unlockable "Weegee mode" where instead of Mario and Mama luigi, you play as Weegee and Malleo.

In Weegee mode the game's even harder, you have less life, and the enemy gets two turns.

To unlock Weegee mode you must beat the game 10 times. When the "the end" screen comes, wait a few seconds then Weegee will pop up and for the first time, he talks. He will say SPAGHETTI!! then the screen turns red, indicating that Weegee mode is unlocked.


The King goes crazy and plots to turn everything into DINNER, but Mario and Mama Luigi go into the castle and stop him before it is too late.

The King is defeated and Mario and Mama Luigi escape the castle. But, They forgot that the Princess was inside the castle.

Then the castle blows up...With The Princess still inside it...


There is a sequel to Final Spaghetti called Final Spaghetti II: Blades of Pasta, where The King's crazy, evil, stupid daughter, Zelda wants revenge against the heroes for killing her father.