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Fatman 4: Yet Another Fatman Movie is yet another movie in the series of movies about the famed hero Fatman. This is the first movie where the makers are tired of making Fatman movies, as the title implies. It was later banned because it was illegally made in Blu-Ray. Ironically, all of the other Fatman movies were made in Blu-Ray and were not banned.

Movie Story Thing

The movie starts with Fatman driving around in the Fatmobile. He's just driving, and driving, and driving. This is half of the movie. It just shows him driving for an hour. But then, it cuts to a laboratory of scientists. They are working on a formula that will make a superhuman strong enough to conquer the world. They mix formulas, and keep going until they finally have a formula. A random man walks in, and drinks it, thinking it's an energy drink.

The man instantly starts growing until he is eight feet tall. He declares himself BANE! But then the scientists don't think that name is long enough, so he calls himself Bane of Losers. He runs around destroying stuff, as the chemical turned him evil. Fatman drives up, and shoots Bane. This doesn't hurt Bane, so he turns around, and throws the Fatmobile. Fatman jumps out, and tried to destroy Bane, but it doesn't work. Fat Robin arrives, but he is thrown into the wall, and Fatman takes him to the Fatcave to heal.

Without Fat Robin, Fatman has no sidekick. He goes to the police station to tell them what he knows. Officer Weirdo and Harvey Dented answer him. When Fatman lets slip that Fat Robin is hurt, Officer Weirdo's overweight niece offers to help. So, she becomes Fatgirl, and helps chase after Bane. Bane reviles he has a "Poo Bomb" over the town, and Fatman races off to disarm it.

Harvey Dented beats him to it, and disarms the bomb. But Harvey is still hit, and he becomes Poo Face, and demands revenge on Bane for ruining his face. Fatman gets there first, and cuts off Bane's supply of chemicals. Bane turns back to normal, and Poo Face kills him. Fatman beats up Poo Face, and he vows revenge before getting carted off to prison.