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Fatman 3 is the third movie in a series of movies starring famous hero Fatman. It takes place about five minutes after the last one ended.


Fatman, Patrick, and the Camera Guy is driving home in the Fatmobile, but he realizes it is Halloween. Suddenly, a cannon shoots pumpkins at him. He activates the Fatshield, and the Fatmobile is protected. Then, he activates the GET ME OUT OF HERE device, and he zooms away. His butler, Mr. Worthless, decides a villain themed on various days must be attacking. Fatman decides this theory is ridiculous, but it is proved right the next day, when a bunch of "November 1st"s attack Fatman.

Fatman takes the Fatplane up, and finds Calendar Man attacking Possum City. He shoots missiles at Calendar Man, but misses, and Calendar man attacks a circus. Fatman flies away, but comes back a few weeks later to investigate the circus. He discovers a young boy named Loser Loser, who lost his parents during the attack. He is heavily overweight, so Fatman offers a position as Junior Secretary of Unimportant Things in the Fatcave. Loser eventually convinces him to give the position of sidekick instead, and he becomes the Fat Robin.

The two of them gang up on Calendar Man, and defeat him, as he has no fighting skill.



  • This is the last horror classics Fatman movie.
  • Ths is the say Fatman produced by Columbia Pictures