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What do you mean I'm fake?

Fake Robotnik is the weird guy who thinks that he is Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

Fake Robotnik looks like a fat version of Robotnik with fake arm. He says that he lost his real arm when he was inventing Promotion. Promotion fired its lazor in his arm. Everyone knows that this is a pack of lies anyways. He is a Kamafagee minion.

Most of time Fake Robotnik watches TV, especially Dr. Robotnik's TV show. Sometimes he invents stuff like Large Hadron Collider or Virtual Boy. He also tries to kill Sonic, but instead of Real Robotnik who uses Nincombots, Fake Robotnik uses nuclear missiles and tanks. But this doesn't work.

He is actually believed to be a clone of Dr. Robotnik. Fake Robotnik says this is complete crap, but he secretly knows it is true. He was made because Dr. Robotnik was building a cloning machine so he could clone his hamburger, but then he accidentally fell in.

Fake Robotnik suffers from many psychological problems, as the cloning machine that made him was just a prototype. We're not sure what exactly these conditions are, or how they affected him, but we do know for a fact that his brain is messed up.

Fake Robotnik has a mechanical bird (possible Fake Scratch) and a dumb nephew called Snively (possibly Fake Grounder, but only Grounder belives in this). He also killed D Joao VI in The Final Battle Against Dark Studious.

Dr. Robotnik hates Fake Robotnik and even tried to use Pingas to kill him. This did not work, and now Dr. Robotnik has to deal with daily attacks from Fake Robotnik. Fake Robotnik and Dr. Robotnik both say they are the real Robotnik, but Dr. Robotnik has more military power, so people listen to him. Also, Fake Robotnik smell like an old shoe.