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File:Face Morphing.png
A "Before and After" Picture of Mario's face getting morphed.

Face Morphing is an activity that morphs peoples faces. It is often used as an attack.

Face Morphing

It is fairly simple to morph faces. If you have Uglykinesis, you can use that. If you DON'T have uglykinesis, you must find something such as a blender, a shrink ray, Sonic, or a Face Morpher. Once you have someones face morphed, you can alter features. You can stretch their face, move part around, squish it, or make it explode (for enemies). It is a very fun activity, but it is not fun getting your face morphed.

Notable Face Morphers

Notable victims of Face Morphing


  • There is a shame about face morphing. It is called Morph My Face.
  • Face Morphing is good for killing time... or killing anyone for that matter.
  • Killing people with face morphing is illegal FUN!
  • Though it is called face morphing, you can also morph things without faces.
  • There is a face morphing simulator called Garry's Mod.