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Eviler Bowser is exactly like Bowser, except eviler.


Eviler Bowser is like Bowser, except eviler. Whenever Bowser would do something, Eviler Bowser would do something even eviler! When Bowser would kidnap Peach, Eviler Bowser would kidnap everyone! When Bowser would kick something, Eviler Bowser would shoot it with a torpedo. When Bowser would give a bowl of rice to the hungry, Eviler Bowser would give Nothing to the hungry! He sure is evil! EVILEVILEVILEVILEEEVVVIIILLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!


There are multiple theories on how Eviler Bowser came to be. One, is that when Bowser stole a Promotion from Dr. Robotnik, he became Eviler Bowser. Another theory is that Bowser suddenly learned the truths of life, and it made him eviler. Yet another theory is that Bowser cam into some accident with a weird machine that made him eviler. Though, everyone seems to overlook the possibility that Bowser just wanted to be eviler, and became Eviler Bowser. Template:Mario Template:Elmo