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To be confused with E.

E (also known as e and sometimes called Pi Jr.) is a number that was made by the math guys about 300 years ago. They made him because they were jealous of Pi. However, E was angry that they made him just to make another number jealous, so he killed 9001 people, and left to realize his life's dream of becoming a world peacekeeper.

E is such a mathematical freak, even modern supercomputers can not figure out E's exact digits. 1234567890 get a headache whenever E is around. In fact, E is so long, there are are two million digits in it. The only computer in the universe powerful enough to process this information is the UnAnything Wiki Central Processing Unit. But due to how amazingly skilled we are, we are not even going to bother trying to figure them all out. Instead, we're just going to watch Dodgeball while Gary Oak comes and beats you to a pulp.

E is currently a peacekeeper for the UnUnited Nations, and he does this by bombing anyone who steps out of line. Okay, now he just got fired, and now he's a bum living on the streets of Germany. No, now he somehow turned into Superman... oh wait, that was a dream...


We are too lazy to put the number on here, so we are just going to entertain you with a random freak:

Aren't I ugly?

Huh? Why are you still here?

Please, Leave.

Why won't you go?

What, you want the number?

The number is E. You happy?

What do you mean you know that's not the real number?

You know what? F*** this, I'm running.