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7 of the 10 few ratings.

The Easily Stupid Rating Blockheads, otherwise known as the ESRB, is a group of people that don't rate shames on how good they are. Needless to say, they generally suck at their job. Bad.


The ESRB started after Nintendo whined about how Mortal Kombat and other violent video shames were inappropriate for general audiences. It started back in 45 B.C. They have rated over 454,656,565 shames and 43 tacos.


  • George W. Bush - former President of the United States and current President of the ESRB
  • Hulk Hogan - semiretired wrestler and rating boards adviser
  • Elmo - man of Sesame Street fame and head of public relations
  • YouTube - internet video site and head of commissions
  • Bubble Bass - A legendary troll who ruined 506365525 kids life from working here.
  • O-O - A error of all comupter with the line "YOU MUST DIE!" & rating drawings for the ESRB


  • RP - Rating Pending - For derps
  • EC - Early Childhood - For babies
  • E - Everyone - Approved for all audiences
  • E10+ - Everyone 10+ - Awful for kids
  • T - Teen - Only good for teenagers; everyone else would find it pointless
  • M - Mature - Boring shame for adults only, the Teletubbies shames get these ratings.
  • AO - Adults Only - Adults only shames or terrible ones
  • KA - Kids and Adults - Retired because its dumb
  • FTTFTT - Far Too Terrifying For Timmy Turner - Retired after Timmy's parents filed a lawsuit

Other Ratings

  • P - Po. (Equivalent to M for mature/miserable or AO for Adults Only.)
  • B - Bob the Builder. (Equivalent to T/M/AO.)


  • The ESRB is pointless thanks to careless parents, LOL!
  • Barack Obama supports the ESRB.
  • Someone supports the ESRB by buying shames.
  • The Barrier Trio will never protect the ESRB,even if the ESRB pays all the money they have.