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The Dramatic Chipmunk (A.K.A. Dramatic Prairie Dog) is, as his name implies, a dramatic rodent that can freak out some people with his dramatic look. His stare is very powerful, it can blow something up, especially when staring at a chopper. He is also a member of the Eye Monkeys.



The creature's origins are unknown, but his earliest sighting was in a forest, when a hawk tried to get him, he stared at the vicious bird for five seconds, and then the bird caught on fire and fell into the lake, never to be heard from again. The creature was later taken into a lab for testing, and was later hired into the military. After a year of fighting, he went on a camera and recorded his stare.


The following guys are the Dramatic Chipmunk's mortal enemies:

  • Weegee - his biggest rival ever
  • Giygas - both hate each other
  • the scratch cat - his third biggest rival
  • Rigby - his fourth biggest rival
  • Teletubbies - his fifth biggest rival


Dramatic Creeper

Dramatic Cat

Troll Face

Dramatic Bear

File:Dramatic Chipmunk
A video of the infamous rodent for 5 seconds.