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Dogs are a race of creatures made by God to act like something contrary to cats. They don't have nearly as much super powers as the cats do, but they may come in larger sizes.

Dogs in General

Why is this here? This is what that first paragraph is for. Read it, then get a life. Wait... I guess you have to be alive in order to read this.

Super Powers


Dogs can annoy people by their loud barks.


They can bite butts. They can also eat butts.

Being stupid

They eat their own-NOTHING! Nothing! :D

Sniff their own butt

They can sniff their own butt.

We were Lying

While they can do all the things we said, they aren't really powers.
Here's an actual list of powers:

  • Set themselves on fire without harm
  • Make people oof
  • Acid spit

Famous Dogs