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File:Dinner Blaster-pic.jpg
The King of Hyrule with his deadly Dinner Blaster.

The Dinner Blaster is a powerful and deadly weapon that shoots hamburgers. It is used mainly by The King every time to destroy something that annoys him very hard. The Dinner Blaster also had other varieties, for example, the Dinner Blaster II. When he first used the Dinner Blaster to destroy Link, rather than killing him, it made him obese, and he worked out for a few minutes, and after becoming slim, he was hit by another burger, but luckily for him, he didn't eat it. After surviving the huge waves of burgers, the Squadala Man came in, and rescued him by jet-pack. They later both found themselves chased by The King's iron blimp, which was knocked out of the sky when Mama Luigi flew into it, which had Squadala Man and Link escape safely. It is also one of the power-ups in UnAnything Racing Bash game, which slows down your foes for 5 seconds by making them very fat. It also appears as a gun in Call of Cementygas Which you can steal and reload with cementygas instead of burgers.


The dinner blaster's power is OVER 9000. It can shoot burgers OVER 9000. And its awesomeness is OVER 9000! Only cool people can wield it, or they will be destroyed by its awesomeness. That's why this weapon is so awesome.

The day the king nearly killed everyone with his Dinner Blaster.