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File:Death Star.png
The Death Star. Its eye can shoot lasers. Like that! Oh no... *BOOM*

The Death Star is a gigantic spaceship that blows stuff up. Darth Vader usually uses it, and he likes to take it around the galaxy just because he can.

The Death Star is always blowing something up. That's why you are at risk. It's that awesome. The Death Star has been known for being flown into the weirdest places. Sometimes, Darth Vader will even take it to Earth! How weird is that?


The Death Star looks like a super chubby kid, except made of metal. Its eye is actually a SUPERLAZOR, and it has an evil eyebrow (technically a unibrow), because everything evil has them.


  • 10 million horsepower for easy space travel
  • A super laser that can blow up planets
  • Enough room to house two soldiers
  • A seemingly infinite number of soldiers, despite the above
  • A self destruct button (Why do all of the villain's super-weapons have some flaw that the good guy can use?)
  • 10 million horses in the power room
  • Snakes and spiders, to scare people who manage to board it
  • A circus
  • Other stuff

Nobody cares so, I guess that's all.


The one weakness it has is that if someone shot into this random hole the size of a grapefruit (on the Death Star of course), the thing would ASPLODE, meaning it has a minor weakness.