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File:Death Juice.png
A bottle of Death Juice. Try some, it's on the house!

Death Juice is a secret formula only known by a few people. It is not juice like the name suggest, but it is a dangerous poison. It is used when you want to kill someone, or make a tasty snack. (NOTE: The snack will be poisoned.)

It is one of the main ingredients used for making Chocolate. This happened when Willy Wonka was feeding Oompa Loompas death juice, but he dropped some into the chocolate bowl by mistake. He had an Oompa Loompa drink it, but the Oompa Loompa said it was GOOD! And, you know, then he died. So, Willie Wonka started putting it in his chocolate. Other people started doing this, and it became common in all chocolate.

Only Tom is immune to it, due to the resistance he made against it while eating "CHOCOLATE!" He's happy about this.

Death Juice is commonly used by assassins and terrorists to kill people easily. It kills people swiftly, it doesn't leave a trace, and it's COMPLETELY AWESOME!