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The awesome cover.

Dead Ness is epic shame, released by Giygas Inc. and The Starmen Company for the Nintendo Wii U. It's the First Person Shooter about Luigi and his adventure on lost space station, conquered by Giygas. In case you didn't notice, Dead Space is a rip-off of this shame. YA RLY. You think,I'm lying? Than go suck on a pickle.


File:DN Luigi.png
Luigi with his AK-47

Luigi opened his eyes and found himself in very strange and dark place. Suddenly, two zombies in astronaut suits walked in the room. Luigi took a nearby axe, and killed the zombies. Later he found his friend Toad, who gave him an AK-47 and lightsaber. Next minute, Toad was killed by monster and Luigi desided to go away from station, killing hordes of zombies, monsters, starmen, and other freaks.


Episode 1: Computer Room

Luigi must find computer room to get information. During the episode, Luigi found that the station is full of Giygas' evil dead slaves.

Episode 2: Waluigi joined the party!

Luigi found other friend in the computer room. His name is Waluigi. Waluigi and Luigi go trough the chain of rooms, full of starmen.

Boss: Super Starman

Episode 3: Revenge

After Waluigi's death, Luigi found LAZOR and he mut kill boss of Space Station.

Boss: Very Big Zombie

Episode 4: In Spaceship

Luigi leaves the station, but his spaceship is full of monsters!!!

Boss: Zombie Wario

Episode 5: FAIL

Spaceship falls on little planet of... zombies, of course.

Boss: Zombie Ridley

Episode 6: Hell

Luigi dies and now he must return from hell.

Boss: The Devil

Episode 7: Freedom

Luigi finally at home, but all his base are belong to Giygas...

Boss: Possessed Mario

Episode 8: Dead Ness

Luigi attacks Giygas' Lair...

Boss: Ness

Final Boss: Giygas


Luigi guns down Giygas with his AK-47 Grenade Launcher to weaken Giygas, then gets his lightsaber, and throws it at Giygas, causing Giygas to then explode into nothingness. After Giygas dies, Luigi flies out of the base before it explodes. Luigi then finds himself on Earth, happy again. Meanwhile, in another dimension, a demon makes plans to take over the world, who is only revealed by his giant blood-red eye (who is revealed as Zero Two later on in Dead Lucas).


Everybody said "THIS IS EPIC!!!". ISN rated this 9001/10.


The shame was epic, so Giygas Inc. decided to make the prequel "Dead Ninten" and sequel "Dead Lucas".


  • One day before shame was released, Ness died and really became evil slave of Giygas.
  • When Mario dies he said Luigi, that Waluigi isn't his brother.