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"This power...I can sense it...coursing through my veins...I am immortal!"

Dark Studious is the current Dark Lord of Pith and stands as one of the most powerful beings in the UnVerse. He is the leader of the terrorist organization known as the Bad People, who are the second most wanted criminal group in the world, the first being Al Qaeda. He is one of the main antagonists of the UnWorld.


Evil. Evil evil evil evil evil. EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL. He once blew up the planet Korn, home of Pooper Man. He also destroyed a few McDonalds, as well as eat steak.

His really evil deeds come, though, when he is with the Bad People. They have done various evil things, such as cause the stock market crash of 1930, destroy Australia and came damn close to become a minion of Bowser and his Squadala Empire..


Nothing is yet known about Studious' past. However, it is rumored he is going to take up a much larger role in the history of the UnWorld during the Space era. The only thing that hints on his past is the fact that he liked to eat Ratatouille when he was little, which gives him an emotional impact whenever he eats it nowadays.

Dark Studious is so powerful, he once destroyed an entire army of 2,000 Pacifistas in one slash. He also killed Hidan of the Akatsuki, who is immortal.

The only other thing outside of this that is known about Studious is that he has recently made a pact with Cyber-Dee, which further adds to the theory of him playing an important role during the Space arc.