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The Dancing Banana is a mutant super banana who likes to dance to the epic PWNAGE song "PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME". He is so epic, he can kill many guys by dancing to the song. He dethroned I.M. Meen in his book dance recently, and is trying to climb to #1 of all dancers. the only one standing in his way is Banana Mew.


A rare picture of Captain 0 doing the PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME dance alongside the Dancing Banana.

The Dancing Banana was born in Australia. He was born with his fellow bananas on a banana island. He was raised under the laws of the bananas. He grew, and grew, until he became a full grown banana. He then decided he didn't want to be eaten (it's still unsure why). He decided that there needed to be more dancing bananas so he made some babies and that is why there are so many out there in the world today. He quickly grew feet, and started dancing so people would like him and keep him. He eventually became one of the greatest dancers in the world. Yup. A banana dancer. What's next? A Singing Blueberry? Today he is becoming better and better at dancing and is world famous.

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