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File:Count Dooku.png
Count Dooku himself. You can feel the fear! Or maybe it's goofiness...

Count Dooku (also insulted as Count Mooku or Count Cooku) is one of Freak with the Hood's many apprentices. He is evil, in case you haven't put that through your head.


Not much is known about Count Dooku. He was a mysterious figure from A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away. A great warrior. Darth Mall hunted him down, as he would be a good replacement. After they found each other, Darth Mall told Dooku about how he was going to be replaced, and Dooku was happy to be a possible replacement. Darth Mall took the possible replacements to Freak, and he chose Dooku. While Darth Mall got killed, Count Dooku was taught to master The Force. They worked together until Darth Vader walked up, and beheaded Dooku.


-He may be the same person as Saruman the White.