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Template:Image Chuckles the Cheat Meets His Doom is a shame sold for every shame system known to man and dolphin. It is about Chuckles the Cheat trying to avoid his doom.


The shame starts in a room. Only Chuckles and a banana are in it. You play by making chuckles grab the banana, and throw it to hit the wall until it breaks. This usually takes a 2 seconds of continuously pressing the button. Then you have to walk for another 2 seconds (stopping along the way at a soda stand), and then you get to a cave. This is the boss fight, where you must fight Dr. Hax.


  • Chuckles the Cheat: Chuckles is a weird who-knows-what that loves to cheat. He is the main protagonist of the shame. He enjoys cheating and chuckling. His main weapon is a banana, but he enjoys putting in a cheat code that turns it into a bazooka that shoots burgers.
  • Dr. Hax: Dr. Hax is the main antagonist of the series. He enjoys shooting things with pure awesomeness. He locked Chuckles in a room at the beginning of the shame.
  • Michael Jackson: Michael is the dancer at the soda stand. He delays Chuckles by singing. Then he gives him a soda.
  • Coconuts: Coconuts is the monkey that left the banana in the room. If you use the bazooka cheat, he will give you the bazooka.


Everyone liked this shame. Awesome graphics, impressive shameplay, cool sound effects! Do you think they liked it?


Due to the success of this shame, a sequel is being worked on. They plan to make the entire shame a picture of Chuckles the Cheat. It will be rendered as a photorealistic picture made in MS Paint rendered pixel-by-pixel, which will be weird.

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