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A small child. DANGER!

Children are young creatures (disgusting vile) in the world. They are kind, honourable and funny. Unfortuately, these thingies called teachers in schools boss them a bit too much. They still learn a lot. Some of them are ill-mannered, lazy and rude so they get expelled from education centers known as schools. Although this one can destroy everything, but most can kick his little butt. This crazy and weird freak is best known for hating them, and wants to destroy all of them. Some can get Cbeebies. If you think children are bad, just wait till you meet a Baby.

Some are actually humans that are in the juvenile stage of development, but some are horrible demons. For kids ages 6-12, you better watch out!

How To Defeat A Child

Curse him! Take away his video shames at once!

Children are fierce creatures, and must be handled with caution. Here are two ways to defeat a child.

Technique One

  1. Start by taking away all of its shames
  2. Next, assign it to do work 24/7
  3. If it rebels, shoot it with a dart

Technique Two

  1. Offer it candy
  2. If the kid turns evil, exorcise it


Trying technique two often gets better results.

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