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Cheese in its natural habitat.

Cheese is the byproduct of the dangerous substance known as Milk. It was invented by the Daedric god Sheogorath when he was cornered by an angry mob. Cheese is a neutralized mold that is extracted from milk. Cheese is now popular throughout the entire UnWorld, but is still most popular in Skyrim.

Cheese was initially made with Sheogorath's god powers on accident. However, another method was later created involving letting the milk turn into this weird yellow block of mold. This is the cheese that we know today.

Besides use as a food, cheese is sometimes used as a weapon. Though standard cheese is neutralized, there is a Top Secret method that can be used to make unstable cheese. This unstable cheese has unpredictable explosive capabilities, and turns anyone who touches it into George W. Bush for a few minutes. The Teletubbies have created an alternate version of cheese that turns people into Tubby Toast.

There is one liveing cheese named 'Cheese" he was the one to get the Aperture Science Lab to what it is today.


  • Po likes cheese and she recently joined the cheese war.
  • Starfire wants the cheese for breakfast.
  • The cheese is better than the salami and the baloney combined!