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Fear her Fatman! FEAR HER!

The Cat Lady (known as Selina Kryles when not running around stealing things) is an infamous enemy of Fatman. She sometimes helps Fatman during his work, but then her concussion wears off, and she continues attacking him

The Cat Lady was born in the crime ridden Possum City. She was raised by herself because she ran away. She ran away because one of her parents was a Cat creature. That is why she is obsessed with cats. She grew up (it's about time), and started thievery to be able to pay her Bills. She decided that wasn't "cool" enough, so she became the Cat Lady.

During several burglary attempts, she was met by Fatman, but he was too fat to keep up with her.

She is a skilled athlete, as she can actually move, despite her elderly-ness kicking in at twenty. She is heavily trained in the use of a whip, but when she is bored, she'll pull out her "shotcat" and blows off heads.