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He is lllllame!

Calender Man is the lamest villain of all time. He likes calendars, and is always referencing to various days. Whenever it is a day (which is always), he freaks out and screams "IT'S (whatever day it is today)! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!". Then, Fatman comes up and sits on him to make him shut up. This happened exactly three thousand eight hundred fifty seven times before Calender Man died. That's actually very impressive considering how fat Fatman is.

Long before that he did star in Calendar Man`s Shame. It did however, not make him more popular. The shame was STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! So STUPID so we will throw his clothes out of the window!!!!!!!!

Calender Man used to be cool when he actually knew what two plus two was. But he doesn't remember anymore, and he is now lame. Well, lamer. Okay, he's so lame, we want to throw him in a dumpster and never let him out. Calender Man was actually voted lamest super villain ever. We are happy he is dead.


One day, Calendar Man was working at a calendar factory. He was hired to create a calendar with Elmo on it, but Elmo captured him and tried to convince him to never mention Elmo in public again, as he is a wanted criminal. Calendar Man agreed, but Elmo was not satisfied. He forced Calendar Man to listen to The Elmo Song for 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 24 hours, 60 minutes, and 60 seconds straight. This, of course, drove Calendar Man insane.

Because of his job and the Elmo Song, Calendar Man's insane mind became obsessed with calendars. Although this made him much better at his job, he was fired after shouting the date and time for all to hear for twelve days straight. This caused him to turn to crime, and he became the costumed  thug  joke we all know today.


He appeared in Calendar Man`s Shame.