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C3 (also called Chuck Norris 3) was a clone of Chuck Norris. He was made after C2 was not "good enough" for being Chuck Norris' shame double.

C3 was made when people complained C2 was beatable, which is not acceptable for Chuck Norris. C3 was made to take his place. He was placed in a shame, but it is physical possible to beat C3, so nobody thought he was realistic.

C3 was fired after they realized Chuck Norris can not be in shames. They just left him on the street, and he decided he did not want Chuck Norris on his bad side. He got Chuck Norris on his bad side by saying that, so he ran for it.

C3 was kicked by Chuck Norris. His grave reads "This moron got on Chuck Norris' bad side." He was replaced by C4.