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File:Bye Bye Sonic.png
The cover of the worst Sonic shame ever: Bye Bye Sonic

Bye Bye Sonic is the last Sonic Shame ever made. It is about Sonic's death.


The shame starts at Sonic's house, and it explodes. Then, Sonic and Tails run out, and get on their bikes. They take their bikes to their garage, where they get in their cars. They take their cars to a bus stop, take a bus to the airport, take their planes to a dock, and take a boat to an island. They go in a cave, and dig a hole a hundred feet deep, and decide they're safe. Then, Dr. Robotnik says "Hi." to them. They scream, but he strangles them both. Then, Sonic and Tails try to get out of his hands. This is the only playable part. The player must hit a button once, and they are both free. Then the non-playable parts continue. They beat up Dr. Robotnik, but then Marx comes up, and Shoop da Whoops Sonic, killing him. Everyone in the world says "Bye Bye Sonic", and the shame ends.


People wanted to avoid this shame so bad, store owners wouldn't stock it. ESRB killed anyone who tried to convince them to rate it. The makers of Sonic tried to pay people billions of UnDollars, but they still wouldn't play it. This shame holds the record for least popular Sonic shame in history. There was suddenly a new sonic shame called Welcome Back Sonic.