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Bowser Studios (called Bowser Stupidos by Mario) is an evil business dedicated to making movies. They are always made to make Bowser look more awesome than Mario. Bowser is in charge, but Mario often manages to sneak in and change the movies so he is the winner in them but FAILs They Also Own Bowser Channel.


Bowser's Studios was founded by Bowser after he became popular from his appearances in shames. He started mass producing movies of several qualities, including awesome, super awesome, and ultra awesome. Bowser's Studios became a very successful business, and Bowser was getting enough funding for his fool-proof plots to destroy Mario. Bowser Studios was once a multi-billion dollar company.

This all ended when Mario sued Bowser Studios for ruining his reputation. Biased Ratings somehow managed to be the judge and the jury for this case, and said no. However, they soon found out Bowser Studios was secretly shipping weapons to bad guys around the world, so it was shut down shortly afterwards.

Bowser Studios was reopened about fifteen minutes later, and Nobody really cared. Now, Bowser Studios sells movies just like it did before, except now, they don't have Bowser appearing in all of their movies. Let's admit it, Bowser's face isn't all that lovable.

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