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Bowser is evil. You probably know that. He does evil things, so here are his latest plans. These are his ultimate goals in some Shame nobody cares about.


  1. Bowser just wants to become the true king of Hyrule
  2. Steal the Dinner Blaster from King Harkinian
  3. Charge the Dinner Blaster with Bowser Dinner for 1 week
  4. Send Barney and Gwonam(A.K.A. Squadala Man) and 1295 mice to force Malleo to make Lotsa Spaghetti for Bowser in case if King Harkinian kills Weegee
  5. Shoot the Bowser Dinner from the Dinner Blaster at The King.
  6. Blow up Earth and The UnWorld using the dead King of Hyrule.
  7. Become as evil as Bob Saget
  8. Watch the destruction of everywhere in the UnWorld, except for his castle and Hyrule. Nobody knows why
  9. Catch Magikarp
  10. Turn into Eviler Bowser
  11. Try to conquer Hyrule (Bowser himself doesn't know what he's doing because the Bowser Dinner has taken control of him.)
  12. Realize Magikarp is a secret weapon.
  13. Play Final Spaghetti parts 1 and 2 with Magikarp
  14. Upgrade his fireballs so they are OVER 9000.
  15. Become a god.
  16. Repair the UnWorld with more bad guys.
  17. Become the king of the UnWorld.
  18. Put the CD-I Portal in his castle.
  19. Go to the other parts of the UnUniverse.
  20. He's at Hotel Mario.
  21. He's at Teletubby Land.
  22. He's at Bikini Bottom.
  23. Go back to his castle.
  24. Turn into Super Eviler Bowser
  25. World domination.
  26. Do whatever he wants.