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Template:ImageBarnyard is an unauthorized, unsucsessful, illegal movie about farmyard animals created by a lame cow called Otis and distributed by Dinner Pictures. Otis hired Nickleodeon to add drinking, searching the internet for p**n and so on. It was rated -R18 and never shown in cinemas at all so to only see it was on direct to video DVD.


Odis, the main character, let's face it... is a cow. LITERATELY! He has utters, despite being a boy, and he goes around being stupid instead of leading the farm, which his old man cow father does for him. Eventually, the old cow is attacked by a bunch of coyotes, as Otis hired them to do this. The assassination attempt is a success, and Otis' father is dead. Otis is now free to do whatever he wants. But the coyotes are mad because they were "underpaid", and they kidnap all of Otis' friends. Otis comes to save them, but he wimps out, and the coyotes prepare to kill his friends. Then, Otis' love interest comes in, and beats the coyotes, only to die, and come back to life.


  • Otis is the main character, a fun loving, drunk cow/bull.
  • The badguy is some coyote.

Nobody cares about the other characters.


This movie was never shown to the public, because it really had REALLY LOW RATINGS. Therefore, everyone assumes it was bad, and it has won a total of -7.5 awards. Nobody knows how it got there. It probably threatened the 7 with a powerful gun.