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Template:Character Infobox Baby Yoshi is a Yoshi in its childhood. It just eats, eats and EATS until it is full and starts to cry of a stomachache.


His favourite words are "Give me food". He also cries when he doesn't get his food.


Everything: Death Notes (his favorite!), Ants, Humans, houses, food, metal, schools, bags, PCs, Marios (hooray!), numbers, brains, tiles, Soviet Luigis, Powder, gun powder, Hot Dogs, Hot Cats, pendrive, Music Discs, Piis, VCRs, TVs, Eggs, Toast, Rare People, Sony Consoles, Keys, talkpages, pages, fruits, Toad Truffles, scratchpads, white houses, shame paks, socks (yuck!), whales, water, sea water, Katsu Dust, salt, sulfuric acid, planets, suns, Shames, trash, trashcans, cans, mice, rice, lice, Fice T., books, worms, sand, bottles, hats, dogs, mud, Italian Dinosaurs (Created Hybrid) ETC (yes, they also eat "etc").

For some reason they don't like Meatballs. To claim to be a meatball is the only way to avoid dying if one is being eaten by a Baby Yoshi. Even though it is likely that a victim is not a meatball, Baby Yoshis are not very bright, so they will spit out their victim in disgust.


3 assassinated Baby Yoshi. Napoleon considers reviving him. If he hadn't been assassinated, he would have eaten Earth, then the entire UnUniverse! He has been revived may times, but he always ends up eating himself.