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A Babbleish language was found in this rock. We believe it says "ABC".

Babbleish is an ancient language made by the cavemen a long time ago. This was before more intelligent languages were invented. It was originally created to help communication between humans and fish, but that didn't work, so it turned into a human-only language. Babbleish consists of a series of random phrases that have no meaning. This renders the language useless, as you don't actually say anything when talking in this language.

It was created around the time Sparta was created. Of course, it wasn't called Sparta, but it was called some random phrase, because that is how babbleish works. After about three days, they decided the language was pointless, and they started speaking Spartan. Master Chief came in and PWNED them, so they started speaking Greek instead.

Though Babbleish was no longer used in Sparta, other ancient European and Asian civilizations began to use Babbleish in their societies. Only when the UnUnited Nations stepped in, did the nonsense end. Babbleish is now considered a dead language, but is still spoken by some people, as Nobody has told them this.

Common Translations

  • Alltaoseez - Could Mean Anything
  • Abc - Could Mean Anything
  • Gahthalos youte heeroghanisolosis - Could Mean Anything
  • Mariorulez - Could Mean Anything
  • Luigirulez - Could Mean Anything, though it is usually a lie.
  • Heresarandomfanficaboutplasmaandlollipophecrashedhislipsontohersandwrappedhisarmsaroundherwaistlollipopsmiledthiswasmorelikeitshewrappedherarmsaroundhisneckandkissedbackshebackedhimagainsttherefrigeratorsandheldhimtherehewasntgettingaway - An extremely long word made by a group of scientists during "Make a word day", The people liked the word so much they turned it into an actual word, It literally just means "Lets annihilate the UnUniverse!"
  • Dawepnufdeth- OMG It's JB!!!!
  • Hsduugpapapapap - Homosexual
  • Eeee eee ee e - Could Mean Anything
  • Apg rowpwpor - Grenade Launcher
  • Poioihsjk j jr eam - An albatross that is secretly a king
  • Pep - Could Mean Anything