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File:Anti Tails Movement.png
The flag used by many members

The Anti Tails Movement is a group dedicated to removing the filth known as Tails from shames. This is because Tails is a loser who does not deserve to be in shames.

The Anti Tails Movement started when the shame Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released. Fans were angry that such a lame character was created to help Sonic. They made signs, started screaming, picked their nose, and showed SEGA who was boss.

The organization was originally a terrible failure, but then moreSonic's Shames with Tails came up. More and more people overreacted like idiots tend to do, and the group started getting bigger. SEGA showed their loyal fans how much they loved them by making Tails the Fox and Tails the Fox 2.

The group did not react well to this. They blew up SEGA's headquarters, and they stopped making shames due to this. The fans realized what they did. In their ignorance and nose picking, they killed Sonic as well as tails. So, they offered to rebuild, and all got killed in a gigantic explosion, only to survive.

Known Members and Their Ranks