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Some random billboard that floats in black screen.

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away is a place in a different galaxy. It was some time a long time ago. Maybe yesterday. Yeah, that's probably it.



Some believe it was created by the Powers of Weakness. Clones of Humans were put on the planets. They also put other aliens in, but nobody cares about that garbage.

Stupid Stuff Happens

Stupid stuff happens. Something about the Jedi turning evil, and Darth Vader becoming awesome. Then the Death Star comes, and blows stuff up. They make a shame out of it, and then Luke Skywalker came, and he saved people, unlike Darth Vader. Then other stuff.


The renamed it "Today in a Galaxy Far Far Away". That's about it. Oh, and they're offering vacations there! Anyone on Earth just has to pay all of the Money in the world, and they get to take a one hour vacation there.


Name says all. Don't go because I said so.