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This is the letter A.

A IS A MEMBER OF THE ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ and the leader of the group. He first appeared in Donkey and Pong where he was a boss. He had the power to destroy the thing and was a hard boss, so he never appeared is any shame again. He lives in Alphabeta, and thinks he's in charge for some reason.


Early History

A was born when the Ancient Romans needed a letter that let them say "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!". They decided to rip off from a letter called A. They enjoyed this letter, and started using it in their language. The modern letter A was born!


Many years later, English (this language) was being made. Some people said "Let's steal letters from the Romans!". So, they did. They went to the ruins of the Roman Empire, and stole some letters. A was one of them.


Today, we use the letter A a lot. It is STILL a letter after all of these years. Except some people occasionally use it as a Pie, it is still used for its original purpose: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!".


A is an A. What more is there to say? All A's are jerks, because they have three lines in them. Of course, other letters also have three lines, but A ignores this fact.