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File:8 and 9.png
8 and 9, seconds before the incident

Template:Quote 8 is a member of the 1234567890. He is also a cannibal.

He ate a lot of Toads, as well as Mario and 9.

The majority of 8's life was spent in the 1234567890 jail room. That's were they lock up their enemies. As 8 keeps eating things, he keeps getting thrown in there. You think he'd learn! Well, he doesn't, so get over it. Whenever they let him out, he'll eat someone a few minutes later, and he'll get thrown back in. His record for being out: 5 minutes. It's sad, huh? Poor 8.


This an interview between 8 and the UnAnything Team:

Unanything: Why do you constantly eat things? You know you'll just get locked up by 1234567890.

8: Don't question my lifestyle.

Unanyhting: What do you think of cannibalism?

8: If I want to be a cannibal, there's nothing wrong with that.

Unanything: Don't you realize innocent people die when you do this?

8: They're not innocent! I only eat people when they steal my wallet!

Unanything: You do realize you've eaten 4,916,174,617,143 and a half people, correct?

8: They all eyed my wallet!

Unanything: You've heard it here first! 8 only does what he does becuase people try to steal his wallet.

(The Unanything News man shows the camera the wallet.)


(8 eats the News Man. 4 comes up, and throws 8 into the cell.)