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6 is a member of the 1234567890 and fears 7 because 7 ate 9.

6 has been with 1234567890 as long as he can remember. He enjoyed being with the group, but then he saw something that changed his life. He saw seven with fork and knife, and then 7 ate 9!!! 6 screamed, which got 7's attention. 7 turned on 6, and 6 ran. 6 is currently in hiding.


6 carries a Magnum with a built in rocket launcher. He uses it to shoot 7. 6 also likes to shoot Nachos during target practice. The Police once arrested 6 for using this gun on an innocent Teddy Bear. 6 has also been seen carrying King Harkinian's Dinner Blaster. The king had him executed for this, but he got away after using a Distraction.

The Search for 6

7 is searching for 6, as six is the only witness when 7 ate 9. That's why 6 is hiding.


6 just killed 7! 6 is safe! Wait... he just fell in an acid puddle. Oh well. Wait... now he's... ZOMBIE 6! And 7 is still alive.