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The 300 (also known as the 299, the Great Spartans the Spartans of Sparta and THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!) is an elite task force and wannabe army founded by Leonidas. The 300 were created to serve Sparta as the greatest warriors ever seen on Earth. They have FAILED at this goal, but they are still awesome.

The 300 were formed by Leonidas in 300 B.C. to kill all of the random guys that dared cross Sparta. Nobody knows why Leonidas only chose 300 men when thousands were willing to join. It is this shortage of soldiers that causes these guys to lose as often as they do.

The 300 are currently hiding deep in the Spartan jungle. They've been hiding ever since Master Chief killed a bunch of space aliens. The 300 think the space aliens will try to get revenge by killing other Spartans. We tried telling the 300 that the space aliens aren't going to kill them, but then Leonidas threw an old boot at us. 1 then joined 299 to make 300 MATH