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0 (also known as his computer name, Vista, and sometimes spelled Zero) is one of the numbers. He helped make Microsoft. He is also a member of 1234567890. Even though he is the last member named, he is not a huge loser, like Z. He is actually quite successful. 0 has the ability to turn into Luigi whenever someone adds 0 to something. Whenever someone if actually stupid enough to dare trying to divide by 0( exept for Chuck Norris )... HE BECOMES WEEGEE! OH NO!

File:Baby 0.png
0 as a baby.

Even though it is called 0, it is not a zero. 0 is the guy that eats those dead rats that would otherwise be stinking up your house. Isn't that so nice of him? This is why he helped make Microsoft. He wanted to make a machine to help eat dead rats. However, Bill Gates had different ideas, so 0 agreed to anything he said as long as 0 got his face on it.

0 is often used when there is absolutely nothing left. This means if I were to shoot you, you would be at 0 health. Also, if there is nothing in a specific digit value, 0 can go there. If you had 10 health, there is nothing in the ones place. SHUT UP! NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOUR STUPID MATH LESSON! EVEN 0 HATES YOUR MATH! Whatever you do, DON'T DIVIDE BY ZERO! YOU WILL BE TURNED INTO WEEGEE AND BE CUT OFF FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!!


  • 0`s appeared in many places. Some believe he hides on your computer, and some believe he hides in Dora the Explorer's House.
  • 0 is a Cheese Hater
  • 0 is a Cheese Lover too
  • 0
  • 0 is your mom
  • 0 Is everything but everything
  • 0 is O's brother.
  • 0 can also merge with a 1 to become 10
  • 0 can duplicate himself to become 00.
  • When someone uses him too much all of him disappear; like the rest of 1234567890